rec|ord1 W1S1 [ˈreko:d US -ərd] n
2¦(highest/best ever)¦
4¦(past activities)¦
5 criminal record
6 in record time
7 off the record
8 be/go on (the) record as saying (that)
9 for the record
10 set/put the record straight
information about something that is written down or stored on computer, film etc so that it can be looked at in the future
record of
Keep a record of everything you spend.
The fact that they have had the test will be noted on their medical records .
historical records going back almost 80 years
He had no written records to draw upon.
This month has been the wettest on record .
Only employees have access to bank records .
a politician who has gone on record as opposing the bill
the fastest speed, longest distance, highest or lowest level etc that has ever been achieved or reached, especially in sport
As a student, he broke the Scottish record for the 100 metres.
The Americans set a new world record in the sprint relay.
Lewis equalled the old world record of 9.93 seconds.
British exports in 1991 were at an all-time record .
A record number of people have been thrown out of their homes.
3.) ¦(MUSIC)¦
a round flat piece of plastic with a hole in the middle that music and sound are stored on
I spent a lot of time listening to records .
My dad's got a huge record collection .
a major British record company
4.) ¦(PAST ACTIVITIES)¦ [singular]
the facts about how successful, good, bad etc someone or something has been in the past
record of/in (doing) sth
Chemistry graduates have a good record in finding employment.
the company's track record in improving conditions
record on
Mr Davis defended the government's record on unemployment (=what they have done about unemployment) .
5.) criminal record
a list made by the police of someone's crimes
a criminal record that included convictions involving drugs
6.) in record time
very quickly
She was out of bed and ready for school in record time that morning.
7.) off the record
if you say something off the record, you do not want people to repeat what you say, for example in newspapers or meetings
May I talk to you, strictly off the record?
8.) be/go on (the) record as saying (that)
to say something publicly or officially, so that it may be written down and repeated
She is on record as saying that teachers are under too much pressure.
9.) for the record
spoken used to tell someone that what you are saying should be remembered or written down
For the record, the police never charged me.
10.) set/put the record straight
to tell people the truth about something, because you want to be sure that they understand what the truth really is
I would like to set the record straight on a few points.
COLLOCATES for sense 1
keep a record
medical/dental records
school records
historical records
a written record
record keeping (=the activity of keeping records)
the biggest/lowest/highest etc on record
place/put something on record (=include something in the official records)
be on record (=when something you have said is written down)
go on record (=say something to be written down)
access to records (=the right to see a record)
a record shows something (=something is written in a record)
COLLOCATES for sense 2
break/beat a record
hold a record
set a record
smash a record (=beat a record easily)
equal a record
tie a record American English (=equal a record)
an all-time record
a world record
an Olympic record
a record number/level/time
a record high
record 2
re|cord2 W2S3 [rıˈko:d US -o:rd] v
[Date: 1100-1200; : Old French; Origin: recorder 'to bring to mind', from Latin recordari, from cor 'heart']
1.) [T]
to write information down or store it in a computer or on film so that it can be looked at in the future
Her husband made her record every penny she spent.
record that
He recorded that the operation was successful.
In 1892 it is recorded that the weather became so cold that the river froze over.
The coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.
2.) [I and T]
to store music, sound, television programmes etc on tape or ↑discs so that people can listen to them or watch them again
The group has just recorded a new album.
Is the machine still recording?
I'll record the film and we can all watch it later.
3.) [T]
if an instrument records the size, speed, temperature etc of something, it measures it and keeps that information
Wind speeds of up to 100 mph have been recorded.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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